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Hope - Cinematic Short Film (Sirui Nightwalker, Sony FX30)

Posted by Ferdinand Schnabl
"We live in a world, where man seems to prefer faith over knowledge, having over being, the image of happiness over happiness itself..." In this short film we not only show the capabilities of the new Sirui Nightwalker T1.2 lens line up, but also giving food for thought on wether or not we should be optimistic about our future.
Posted September 14, 2023 - Filed in Summer Shorts Video Contest 2023 - #shortfilm  #sony  #fx30  #bratislava  #vienna 

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  • Maura Nicolaita Hi Ferdinand,
    Thank you for sharing "Hope." The concept of exploring the balance between faith and knowledge, having and being, is thought-provoking. Good luck!
  • Maura Nicolaita Congratulations for winning the 3'rd prize of the Summer Shorts Video Contest 2023! Make sure to check your e-mail in the following days because we will contact you for further details on how to send you the prize!
  • Ferdinand Schnabl Thanks Maura for the event! I was an honour being part of it and I'm looking forward to next years competition. Best regards, Ferdinand
    Ps: Let us know if there's a link to the recording of the webinar!